Donovan’s extraordinary talent as both a writer and editor has completely won my confidence.  Initially, I believed that what I wanted was a competent line-editor.  It didn’t take long for me to realize that I needed an editor who not only had the capacity to make suggestions, but to dig deeply into my work.  After a complete and thorough edit of the first few chapters, Donovan ‘found my voice’.  His recommendations have proved to be spot-on, and I heed his advice with the utmost confidence.  Indeed, I would go so far as to say that with Donovan’s editing, my book has evolved from a good work to a publishable one.

Donovan is sharp.  He gets the job done, all the while consulting and checking-in.  His earnest and committed approach is a bonus to his strong skill set.  I couldn’t be more pleased, or recommend Donovan Reves with more enthusiasm.”

— Ann Marie Etheridge,
author of memoir, “Long Way Home”

Donovan’s editing experience and critical insight have been instrumental to my writing. As an editor myself, I understand the need for a second opinion that asks the important questions. His own pieces have a polished, consistent quality, from prose to grammar to voice. Donovan is simultaneously thorough and timely with feedback, a rarity amongst editors.”

— Marissa Byfield,
author of the novel, “The Soft Fall”